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A dossier on the Tvind Teachers Group. Are Humana People-to-People, Planet Aid, the Gaia Movement and DAPP siphoning off cash through tax havens? Is it a cult?

Fact file: Humana People-to-People

Fact file:  Humana People-to-People

Humana People-to-People (HPP) is a ‘development charity’ founded in the 1970s by Amdi Petersen and the original members of the Tvind Teachers Group. It collects used clothing — ‘for foreign aid and environment projects’ — using volunteers recruited through Tvind training colleges.  As a charity, it also collects grants and donations, including large sums from corporations and governmental bodies.

In the Third World, especially Africa and India, its ‘development projects’ such as ‘Development Aid from People to People’ (DAPP; called ‘ADPP’ in Portuguese-speaking Africa), ‘Hope Humana’, ‘Total Control of the Epidemic’, ‘Child Aid’ and ‘Farmers Clubs’ handle the donated money.  But this is a serious conflict of interest, as these organisations themselves are Teachers Group-controlled.

From small beginnings in Scandinavia it now has a presence in 43 countries, including the USA and all of Europe, as well as the Third World.  HPP is estimated to have a ‘turnover’ of donations and revenue in excess of $80 million a year.

We have established that HPP is essentially an offshore entity which benefits the Teachers Group (TG) more than it does ‘African development’.  Its parent body, The Federation for Associations Connected to the International Humana People to People Movement, is a private trust based in Switzerland.  More than 30 member organisations, all TG-run, each pay a significant ‘membership fee’.  In 1996-7, the UK Charity Commission investigated then closed down HPP’s branch in Britain for ‘serious financial impropriety’, and it remains closed.

HPP is connected through Tvind to the US clothes broker Garson & Shaw, a TG company facilitating international used clothing sales.

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10 months ago

Tvind Alert

FROM THE ARCHIVES: In August 2008 the BBC aired an investigation uncovering serious concerns about the College for International Cooperation and Development (CICD), a Tvind-run 'Travelling Folk High School' that's still active in East Yorkshire, England. The BBC story includes interviews with two of the dozen students who had walked out, all of them claiming they were being exploited.

Said one ex-student:

“There’s nothing. There’s no information ― nothing. You’re constantly kept busy, and then you’re sent out on the streets ― in Hull or northern towns ― to fundraise. By that I mean selling magazines. And literally begging in the streets.”

Also covered is the related used clothes collector, Planet Aid UK.In 2008 the BBC programme, “Look North,” aired an investigation uncovering serious concerns about the running of a private college still active in East Yorks...
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1 years ago

Tvind Alert

DON'T WORRY, TVIND ALERT IS STILL ALIVE, despite the lack of new posts. We are going through a major reorganisation and looking to bring new voices to the journalistic inquiry into the Tvind Teachers Group. We will also be adding still-relevant archival material from the past two decades of the website, including the old 'Humana Alert'. So much work to be done! ... See MoreSee Less

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