A dossier on the Tvind Teachers Group. Are Humana People-to-People, Planet Aid, the Gaia Movement and DAPP siphoning off cash through tax havens? Is it a cult?

A dossier on the Tvind Teachers Group. Are Humana People-to-People, Planet Aid, the Gaia Movement and DAPP siphoning off cash through tax havens? Is it a cult?

Janice Marie Bostic (b.1958, USA)

Has connections to fugitives Mogens Amdi Petersen, Christie Pipps, and Sten Byrner.

Current position in Tvind’s Teachers Group: CEO of USAgain

Janice Bostic is an American Teachers Group (TG) member and has used this to advance Tvind activities in the USA since the early 1980s.

She incorporated one of the first schools, Ake Pecha, in Virginia in 1982.  A few years later state authorities shut the school down for serious abuse of standards.  Bostic moved on to Europe for nine years and contributed to Tvind’s Humanitarian Fund.

After returning to the US she and her first husband, Michael Hermann (now with Humana China), lived in one of the Sterling luxury condos in Miami, Florida.  Several TG members lived at these condos, including Christie Pipps, who’s one of the five Tvind leaders wanted by Denmark and listed in the Red Notices section for wanted persons on Interpol’s website, here.

In 1995 Bostic and Hermann founded Bostic Inc., which was associated with other Tvind operations in Florida.  As a registered Notary Public in Florida, Bostic notarised several Tvind legal documents associated with the buying and selling of luxury properties by TG members and Tvind companies.

Her signature is found alongside such high ranking TG leaders as Christie Pipps, Anne Hansen, JHM Nagel, and others.

By 1999 Bostic and Hermann had left Florida and started Tvind’s for-profit business, USAgain, and the nonprofit Gaia Movement Living Earth Green World Action USA Inc.  Both collect used clothing, both are headquartered in Chicago, and both sell their clothing through fellow Tvind company Garson & Shaw, based in Atlanta, Georgia.

In 2001 Hermann was listed as the accountant for the US-based nonprofit Planet Aid Philadelphia.  His address was Murgwi Estates, Humana People-to-People’s headquarters in Zimbabwe.  Planet Aid Philadelphia was closed down in early 2003; a cease and desist order had been issued to them in 2002.

In 2009 Bostic admitted to a reporter that she had in 2008 visited with Amdi Petersen at TG Pacifico, Tvind’s luxurious headquarters 90 miles south of San Diego on Mexico’s Baja coast.  Tvind Alert obtained documents from inside TG Pacifico, confirming that in 2008 USAgain was portrayed as a Tvind success in the USA.

There is no question that Janice Bostic has been instrumental to the expansion of Tvind in the USA and that she has direct ties to top Tvind leaders.

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