A dossier on the Tvind Teachers Group. Are Humana People-to-People, Planet Aid, the Gaia Movement and DAPP siphoning off cash through tax havens? Is it a cult?

A dossier on the Tvind Teachers Group. Are Humana People-to-People, Planet Aid, the Gaia Movement and DAPP siphoning off cash through tax havens? Is it a cult?

Tax havens

Fact File: how the TG bought a tax-haven property empire

The Teachers Group owns hundreds of thousands of acres of valuable agricultural land in the Caribbean, Central America, South America and elsewhere in the developing world.

Much of it was secretly bought using Cayman Islands and Jersey offshore companies in the 1980s and 1990s, before the Teachers Group became the subject of a police investigation.

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Discussion: An offshore network of more than 100 companies

The Teachers Group maintains an astonishing network of offshore companies, shell businesses, intermediary enterprises and secret accounts in tax havens around the world. We have counted more than 100 offshore companies in more than 30 different tax havens, all directly connected with Teachers Group’s business and charity affairs.

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Fact File: the tax havens used by the Teachers Group

The Teachers Group currently has offshore companies or trusts registered in at least 15 well-known tax havens. Its key holding companies and financial trusts are registered in Jersey, the Isle of Man, Switzerland and Liechtenstein.

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An ‘alternative’ education system that is also a business

The Teachers Group began as an alternative education system, so it’s no surprise that it runs literally hundreds of schools, colleges and educational institutes all over the world.

The schools are of various types and follow an education ‘programme’.  But in the light of the Teachers Group’s huge offshore financial network, perhaps these schools and colleges serve a another purpose too.

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Rikke Viholm and ADPP Angola: their offshore secrets

What is the connection between ADPP Angola, its director Rikke Viholm and the Teachers Group’s massive worldwide network of offshore accounts? ADPP Angola is a non-governmental organisation in Angola, southern Africa, started in 1986 by the Teachers Group (TG),... read more

27 secret Isle of Jersey companies at the heart of Tvind’s offshore maze

We know of seven Isle of Jersey-registered offshore accounts, active today, which we can link to Tvind’s controlling body, the Teachers Group (TG): two secret, private trusts and five tax haven companies. 1. Fairbank, Cooper & Lyle Ltd. (FC&L Ltd., or... read more

An offshore daisy-chain from Jersey to China

Farmers Trust (Isle of Jersey trust) → Fairbank, Cooper & Lyle Ltd. (Isle of Jersey offshore company) → Interprice (Isle of Man trust) → Simon Li Enterprises (Isle of Man holding company) → Trayton Holdings (Isle of Man holding company) → Trayton Group (China... read more

Three offshore companies in Liechtenstein

1. Humana People-to-People Eastern Trust Liechtenstein offshore company, registered 2006. Current trustees:  Gunvor Maria Darsbo, Snorre Westgaard, Birgit Holm, Kirsten Moller Jensen, Ib Oestergaard Hansen.  Former trustees:  Helle Lund, Trond Narvestad, Mikael... read more

My story: “I created front companies and fake letterheads”

A former Tvind employee in Amsterdam reveals how the group creamed off profits from Humana People-to-People and moved the funds into offshore accounts.

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Tvind ‘systematically’ deceives clothing donors

August 2002: The Danish newspaper Berlingske reported on how the Tvind Teachers Group, supposedly helping the Third World’s poor, defrauds people who in good faith drop their used clothes into Tvind’s collection bins throughout Europe.

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