A dossier on the Tvind Teachers Group. Are Humana People-to-People, Planet Aid, the Gaia Movement and DAPP siphoning off cash through tax havens? Is it a cult?

A dossier on the Tvind Teachers Group. Are Humana People-to-People, Planet Aid, the Gaia Movement and DAPP siphoning off cash through tax havens? Is it a cult?


Aid Workers at Tvind-linked DAPP Malawi sue for back pay

“[Americans] should know the Teachers Group has used [U.S. taxpayers’] money in a way that was not the intended purpose, where … they want to help poor farmers, they want to help Africans.  It’s not like that. They’re helping somebody who is in Mexico building mansions.”

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Two federal investigations target ‘Planet Aid’, even as official funding continues

Planet Aid is being investigated by the USDA’s Office of Inspector General, and the US Department of Justice, according to government documents obtained by Reveal News.

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U.S. humanitarian aid follows ‘twisted access path’ to Tvind’s coffers

Reveal News publishes list of people, groups and relationships mapping flow of U.S. taxpayer funding obtained by U.S.-based Planet Aid to Development Aid from People to People (DAPP) in southern Africa, and then to a private trust in Switzerland.

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USDA says it was unaware of ‘Planet Aid’ controversies. Documents show otherwise.

The USDA has since 2004 granted over $133 million to ‘Planet Aid’, despite warnings that the charity is linked to an alleged cult whose leaders are on Interpol’s global most-wanted list.  The USDA insists that it never knew.  But agency records obtained by Reveal News show otherwise.

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Planet Aid under pressure after US radio investigation accuses it of playing $130M ‘shell game’ in Africa

Listen to the broadcast ‘Alleged Cult Leader Plays Shell Game with US Foreign Aid’ by the Center for Investigative Reporting in the USA, which has spent more than a year digging into Planet Aid Inc and the Tvind Teachers Group.

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Charities, companies, even governments give millions

Despite its poor reputation and ongoing accusations of fraud, scores of public bodies, corporate donors and even government departments are giving large sums of money to the Teachers Group.

That is because the Teachers Group operates under so many different names and through so many intermediary companies, that bodies making donations have no idea who they are really dealing with.

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