A dossier on the Tvind Teachers Group. Are Humana People-to-People, Planet Aid, the Gaia Movement and DAPP siphoning off cash through tax havens? Is it a cult?

A dossier on the Tvind Teachers Group. Are Humana People-to-People, Planet Aid, the Gaia Movement and DAPP siphoning off cash through tax havens? Is it a cult?

COPENHAGEN — The Danish Business Authority (DBA) was duped by the board of Fælleseje — the Teachers Group’s foundation in Denmark — when in 2007 it donated 1.8 million Danish Kroner (US$333,000) to a Teachers Group (TG) expansion project in China.

The undertaking had been launched by the TG’s two top leaders, the fraud-accused Mogens Amdi Petersen and Kirsten Larsen, and the donation went directly to the TG’s commercial and so-called humanitarian activities in that country.

TvindAlert has obtained a letter, allegedly written by the two TG leaders, who reveal the project’s true purpose.  Had Fælleseje’s board revealed these real intentions to the DBA, the donation likely would not have been approved. 

Fælleseje (pronounced like ‘FAIL-us-eye’) has for 10 years been subject to the strict supervision of the DBA, part of the Danish government’s Ministry of Business Affairs.  But despite a decade of monitoring, Fælleseje has managed to channel nearly 200 million kroner ($34 million) to TG-run projects worldwide.  Only twice has the board given donations to projects outside of the TG empire.  And only once did DBA refuse to approve a grant: a loan of $600,000 to USAgain (pronounced ‘use again’), one of the TG’s used clothing collection companies in the United States.

Fælleseje’s board consists of five TG members, and, since the Danish government’s intervention in 2003, two so-called independent members who are there on behalf of the DBA to ensure that Fælleseje complies with the law.

The DBA has on several occasions asked pointed questions about donations and loans extended by Fælleseje’s board.  Such was the case in 2007, when the board gave the $330,000 “to a group of 25 people that over a 2 year period will improve their skills in the Chinese language, society and culture in order to assume the management duties within the school and development projects in China.” 

The board’s meeting minutes of 21 August 2007 state “Poul Jørgensen submitted the application, the Board discussed.  It was agreed that it is within the Fælleseje’s purpose to meet the application and it is important to contribute to the democratization of China, where you can.”

A year later — on 18 July 2008 — the DBA scrutinized this donation, asking how it could be within the scope of Fælleseje’s stated purpose to support such a project.  Fælleseje’s board replied that the donation was in accordance with the statutes because “the UN Universal Declaration of Human Rights and the group’s aim of education in China are in compliance.”

DBA also asked if the 25 people “are members of the Teachers Group.”  The board replied that “the group is composed of people from many nations.  As far as Fælleseje is informed, the seven participants from China are not members of the Teachers Group or students at one of the schools in Denmark.  The other members of the group are members of the Teachers Group.”

The DBA accepted this explanation, and the donation was approved.  But Fælleseje’s board had not told the truth.  The project had nothing to do with people’s equal rights or the democratization of China, according to the secret letter, dated 15 January 2007 and addressed to “Comrades in TG”.  The letter is signed by “KLAP” (Kirsten Larsen and Amdi Petersen) as well as by “BMB” (Bodil Ross Sørensen, Mikael Norling and Bolette Gunst; all three are in the TG management level directly under Petersen and Larsen).

The letter states that 25 TG members must be sent to China, and after two years of training “stay and work in China.  All on behalf of TG.  The aim is for TG to promote its connection to China and the Chinese people by training and educating comrades so as to be able to take up commercial or charitable activities in China afterwards.”

Thus, in reality, Fælleseje donated directly to the TG’s expansion in China. 

The TG had already been active in China for several years prior to the 2007 donation: Humana People-to-People (HPP) and DRH (The Travelling Folk High School) began work in Yunnan province in 2001.  Since then, HPP has expanded its operations to other provinces.  Several leading TG members run a very large commercial enterprise in China: Trayton Group, with several thousand employees.

Here is the secret letter from “KLAP” and “BMB” to TG comrades.  “Las Pulgas” refers to the TG’s luxurious headquarters in Baja, Mexico — formally called Centro Autónomo de Desarrollo Global (Autonomous Center for Global Development).  “BG” means Bigger Groups:


15th of January 2007

Dear Comrades in TG

TG baptized Las Pulgas according to intent.

“Centro Autónomo de Desarrollo Global” then became the full name.

What TG will end up calling that splendid location with those exuberant structures only time will show.

That TG has expressed its intention to mark, what sort of global development mankind deserves, stands with this name out as a clear and proud pronouncement.

This letter takes as a point of departure the meaning of the name of Las Pulgas.

BG’s 11 proposes to TG to form a group of comrades that for two years travel to The People’s Republic of China to learn the language called Mandarin and spoken by one billion people, furthermore to study China past and present, its history, culture, political activities, geography and not least the function of its economic life be it in production activities or in trade, to make themselves acquainted with the Chinese people and finally but not least in this way to prepare themselves after the education to stay and work in China.  All on behalf of TG.

The aim is for TG to promote its connection to China and the Chinese people by training and educating comrades so as to be able to take up commercial or charitable activities in China afterwards.

This, then is the idea: Go to China in order to educate yourself so as to stay and start one or another TG activity up for the triple happiness of as well the Chinese people as of TG as of yourself.

DRH China has received this proposal with acclamation and has written a letter of intent to receive the contingent of TG comrades and to head the two year course.

KLAP and BMB will organize this training and education along the lines of TG educational principles and as stated above.  TG will pay the expenses in connection with this first time experiment in its history.

BG’s 11 suggests to mark that age is no problem in TG by selecting 10 comrades below 30 years of age, 10 between 30 and 40 years of age and 5 above 40 years of age.

BG’s 11 sends this letter to all comrades in TG.  As always if you want to comment please do.  If you have received a letter with a big R at the bottom it means that you have been randomly appointed as one of those 100 comrades that we ask to tell BG’s 11 what they think of this proposal.  If an overwhelming majority of these 100 support the idea we shall contact those who might not like the idea or have expressed reservations as to whether it is a good one.  We shall do so in order to include their reservations and reasons into a final letter on the case to you all.  Of course comments from all the comrades will be handled in that same way — whether they have received an R at the bottom of their letter or not!

We shall in the final letter on this matter ask comrades who might consider to join this China group to write us for an application form.  BG China, BG’s 11 and BG Russia will join forces to put together the group.

Having received the filled in application — an act we expect to give a deadline of April 1, 2007 — these three BGs will use experience and courage to put together the very best group.  The choice will be public in a letter to TG by May 1, 2007.  The two year period will start November 1, 2007 but the comrades in the by then China Group will be involved in certain preparations under the auspices of BMB with DRH China.  BG’s 11 has set a deadline for comments 14 days from now, which is at the latest on the 29th of January 2007.

This was an invitation to study and to discuss and eventually to comment on a proposal for the setting up of a China Group 2007.

Have a good one!

K + K

BG’s 11



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