A dossier on the Tvind Teachers Group. Are Humana People-to-People, Planet Aid, the Gaia Movement and DAPP siphoning off cash through tax havens? Is it a cult?

A dossier on the Tvind Teachers Group. Are Humana People-to-People, Planet Aid, the Gaia Movement and DAPP siphoning off cash through tax havens? Is it a cult?

We know of seven Isle of Jersey-registered offshore accounts, active today, which we can link to Tvind’s controlling body, the Teachers Group (TG): two secret, private trusts and five tax haven companies.

1. Fairbank, Cooper & Lyle Ltd. (FC&L Ltd., or FC&L Group Ltd.)

A Belize-based, Jersey-registered, key private holding company that today manages many of the TG’s worldwide assets, including landholdings, school and college buildings, used clothing enterprises, and possibly foreign aid.  Originally registered in 1991. 

According to original pages on the FC&L Web site, the company owns plantations in Belize, Ecuador, Cayman, St. Lucia and Fiji, which produce tropical fruit for export; the massive Fazenda Jatoba ranch in Brazil; used clothing collector, ‘USAgain’, in the United States; and, through its subsidiary, Argyll Smith and Co Ltd., many of Tvind’s ‘Travelling Folk High Schools’ [Danish: Den Rejsende Højskole (DRH)].

Original directors (1991): Kirsten Larsen, Else Jensen, Birgitte Krohn, Anne Hansen, Svend Sorensen, Joep Nagel(1).  Current directors: no information.


2. The Farmers Trust

Secret trust registered in 1988.  No information available.

Believed to be one of two secret Jersey trusts that ‘run’ all of TG finance.  Might be the owner of FC&L Ltd.?

Trustees (in 1995): Kirsten Larsen, Anne Hansen, Else Jensen, Birgitte Krohn, Svend Sørensen, and Joep Nagel.(1)


3. The Hobbhouse Trust

Secret trust registered in 1988.  No information available.

Purpose: as above; the other secret trust.

Trustees: As above.(1)   


4. Argyll Smith and Company Ltd.

Offshore company; registered 1989. 

Subsidiary of FC&L Ltd.; owns property and schools.  Original directors probably included Christie Pipps (aka Kirsten Fuglsbjerg) and Joep Nagel.  Current directors: no information


5. The Hobbhouse Company Ltd.

Offshore company; registered in 1988.

A subsidiary of the Farmers Trust, originally registered as ‘The Hobbhouse Investment Company Ltd.’.  Directors: no information.(1) 


6. Atlantic Farming Ltd.

Offshore company; registered in 1990.  No information


7. Bahia Farming Brazil Ltd.

Offshore company; registered in 1991. 

Connected with management of Fazenda Jatoba ranch in Brazil.  Original directors probably included Thomas Vaeth and Else Jensen.  Current directors: no information. 


The two Jersey trusts — the Farmers Trust and the Hobbhouse Trust — were said to be ‘at the core of the Tvind Group’ in 1995, when Danish authorities fully investigated.  These trusts are secret, but we have no reason to suppose they have closed.

The directors of the companies identified by Danish police were all members of the TG ‘Economy’, and include all those Interpol-listed fugitives wanted by Denmark today (except Amdi Petersen himself): Kirsten Larsen, Marlene Gunst, Sten Byrner, and Christie Pipps (aka Kirsten Fuglsbjerg).  The other directors, not currently on Interpol’s Red Notices list, are Ruth Sejerøe-Olsen and Bodil Ross Sørensen

The other Jersey companies we know of seem to be subsidiaries of FC&L, involved with agriculture and property.  There may be others; if so, we’d like to know.


Dissolved Jersey companies

An additional 21 companies were opened but later dissolved between 1984 and 2006:


Kirchheiner Bros Ltd. – probable major ‘cash box’ holding company, cited by police; dissolved in 2005.


Amsterdam used clothing trade

Holland Enterprises Ltd.

Holland House Ltd.

Holland Trading Ltd.


Fruit trade

Trans World Trading Ltd.

Tropical Trading Ltd.

World Wide Suppliers Ltd.


Intermediary companies

Buckeye Ltd.

Cedex Pac

Coriander Holdings

Cooper Investments

Lyle Enterprise Ltd.

Jacaranda Holdings Ltd.

Jayhawk Ltd.

Nadex Ltd.

Talata Investments

Tarragon Investments Ltd.


Other possible dissolved companies (by name association)

Argyll Smith Industrial Developments Ltd.

Eversure Holdings Ltd. (was:  Humana Holdings Ltd.)

Trade Link Europe Ltd.

 (1) Danish Public Prosecutor and Police Case Summary against Tvind (‘Exhibit C’), 2001: here


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